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5 Essential Black-Owned Food Vendors You Need to Try

Updated: Mar 27

While black-owned businesses represent 2% of the American economy, in MASC Hospitality Group events serving the Bronx’s love-to-eat community, they count for nearly 50%. With the Bronx Night Market opening on Saturday, April 30th at Fordham Plaza, we’ll be seeing a SUMMER-LONG celebration of the culture and history that's shaped the NYC community. And what better way to celebrate the achievements and history made by the people surrounding our community? With 5 ESSENTIAL Black-owned food vendors you NEED to try this year at the Bronx Night Market.

1. Jerk Chicken @treatyourselfjerk

Yes, it’s spelled treat yourself, but yes, that is jerk chicken thigh resting comfortably on a bed of Coconut Rice & Peas. Treat Yourself Jerk is one of the Bronx Night Market’s beloved vendors with one message in mind: This year’s fest needs you and your friends to get on that Treat Yourself grind.

2. The Original @friedlasagnamama

Fried Lasagna Mama is seriously switching things up with her own twist and take on the most beloved LASAGNA: FRIED EDITION. The Original is a must-try if you’re a Bronx Night Market first-timer and you’re looking for a taste of an exciting new food concept. In addition to its iconic Original fried lasagna, Fried Lasagna Mama also serves The Veg, Chicken Parm, and the Mex Flex!

3. Genesis Original Chiwaffle @chiwaffles2006

Chi Waffles has been serving up the combination of fried chicken, waffles, and a special sauce for the past 16 YEARS, you heard that right! Chef Tasharra Moses is going to be serving up some BOMB ASS Chicken and Waffles while also throwing in some exciting combinations at this year’s Bronx Night Market! For all you savory and sweet food lovers out there, you’re gonna want to make this vendor your FIRST STOP.

4. S’mores Cookie @buttasbakery

If you like s'mores and sweets, then you will love Butta’s Bakery S'mores Cookie. The cookie is made with chocolate chip cookie dough, mini marshmallows, and crushed graham crackers. If you're looking for some sweets with that night market experience in the Bronx, stop by Butta's Bakery booth at the night market!

5. Belizean Salbutes @2belizegirls

What is a salbute? Well, thanks to 2 Belize Girls, it’s an awesome fried-to-order tortilla topped with shredded chicken, pickled cilantro cabbage; and for our vegetarians and vegans out there, beans are available! I recommend ordering two of these Salbutes – one for you and one for your significant other (or you know… all for yourself) – jokes aside, save room for their amazing Belizean Chicken Wings, Panades, and Garnaches!

While we wish we could’ve listed more, remember: you can find just about ANYTHING at Bronx Night Market, including the best in black-owned food vendors you won’t want to miss! Take your taste buds on an adventure at this year’s event returning on Saturday, April 30th at Fordham Plaza from 1 p.m. To 7 p.m! BUT WAIT, don’t forget to RSVP why? Cause it’s free and maybe, just MAYBE we might be spilling some news on more vendors.

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