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6 NEW Vendors to Check out at the Bronx Night Market This Season!

Tis’ the season of all things festival!! The fifth annual Bronx Night Market is taking place on Saturday, April 30th at Fordham Plaza (1 Fordham Plaza Bronx, NY 10458); and we were beyond thrilled to host this event! We're getting ready for opening day and we already know it's gonna be full of so much energy and excitement, with all the great food we have at our fingertips. With over 50 food vendors, there's BOUND to be something for everyone's taste buds, especially with more and more new vendors joining in! We're sharing 6 NEW vendors to check out on your next visit to the Bronx Night Market!

1. Hot Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich @StrEatKingsNYC

One of our favorite food vendors is coming straight to the borough, and it’s one we know you love as well. StrEat Kings NYC is bringing us a unique spin on traditional New York favorites like Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Chopped Cheese, and THICC juicy burgers. They've transformed our traditional New York favorites from different cultures and communities into one TASTY ASS menu. Don’t forget about their mouthwatering snacks too! You can get everything from Shrimp Rangoons, Tostones Nachos, and FULLY Loaded Tater Tots!

2. Pork Char Siu Bao Buns @PatokByRach

Looking for a new spot for Filipino cuisine in your neighborhood? Look no further than Patok by Rach, where they serve delicious Pork Char Siu Buns. Inside is tasty roasted pork with a thin glaze of barbecue sauce and inside is a soft pillowy bun… Do we need to say more? Next time you get that hankering for Asian food, try these buns for an awesome snack OR try their CRISPY Lechon AKA Roasted Pork!! Patok By Rach specializes in Filipino food and we LOVE it! All dishes are made with love, from scratch, and with QUALITY organic ingredients.

3. Tart Frozen Yogurt with Blackberries & Blueberries @FrostFroYoCo

Photo credits: @FrostFroYoCo

Satisfy your sweet tooth in a fresh way at Frost Frozen Yogurt Co. Frost has become a go-to summertime spot for frozen yogurt fans seeking a smooth, creamy treat without any chemicals or additives. Grab yourself a Tart Frozen Yogurt with Blackberries & Blueberries or try their healthy yet SATISFYING Frozen Yogurt Parfaits layered with frozen yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit!

4. Tostones @Reh_Yeh_Nos

If you’re in search of a few fried snacks to enjoy while perusing through food vendors, you need to seek out Tostones at Rellenos. These deep-fried cups are filled with savory goodness and will help your food festival experience be more enjoyable! The combination of these plantain pockets stuffed with your choice of Cuban ground meat, Shrimp Ceviche, to Caribbean stewed chicken is great for sharing with friends! You can also purchase them plain for a simple yet tasty snack! Don’t forget about their creamy Garlic Mojo Sauce that tops it all off and makes every bite worth it! Be sure to head on over there as soon as possible because we all know how quickly these delicious treats sell out.

5. Mexabrosa @PerrosLocosNYC

Food vendors are all the rage at the Bronx Night Market, and Perros Locos knows it. The concept combines a staple food item (bratwurst) with an international twist, giving you a tasty option you can’t get anywhere else. The wursts are made from the finest ingredients, are non-GMO, have no artificial flavors, AND are gluten-free! From the Pancho Furter (Mexi-German sausage) to the Mexabrosa (Mexican Sausage) these Artisan Sausages are gooooood AF! And if you wanna avoid the lines, we’d recommend stopping by here on your FIRST stop at the Bronx Night Market!

6. @Twisted.Potato

Photo Credits: @eatitallnyc

Fans of exciting new food concepts will be ecstatic when they discover Twisted Potato, a Korean food vendor that serves the iconic Korean street food, SPIRAL POTATOES ON A STICK! A staple street food snack in Korea in recent years, potatoes are spiraled then deep-fried until golden brown and crispy, just the way we like it. The spiral shape allows them to cook evenly and hold onto their flavor, and honestly, who doesn't love a deep-fried potato?? They’re then seasoned with flavors that make it taste kind of like a french fry… but BETTER — think Cajun as well as Parmesan Garlic.

And that's a wrap for our 6 NEWEST food vendors to check out at the Bronx Night Market!! Be sure to check these brand-new food vendors on your next visit to Fordham Plaza. And don't forget, the best part about the Bronx Night Market is being able to show your local businesses all the loooove. If you have a chance to visit any of these vendors be sure to snap pictures and post them on Instagram TikTok, or Facebook with #BronxNightMarket! We’ll be returning every third Saturday of the month to bring the Bronx foodie revolution to life! RSVP here to join us for our first event of the season on Saturday, April 30th from 1 PM to 7 PM, we can’t wait to see all of you there!

For more information sign up for our newsletter here to find out more about new vendors, performances, and collaborations at your next visit to the Bronx Night Market. For more food porn action, follow us on Instagram@BronxNightMarketand TikTok @maschospitalitygroup. See y’all VERY soon!

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