• Molly McElaney

Baseball Fans LOVE Bronx Night Market

According to the MLB, the favorite foods and snacks that spectators prefer are hamburgers, nachos, chicken fingers, and hot dogs. We know that Yankee Stadium is not famous for the quality of its food though... And with almost 10,000 attendees for every home game, spectators deserve the best food. Right down the street from Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Night Market has the perfect pre-game dinner and post-game snacks! Here are some of our favorite options:

HangryDog- Hot dogs are a staple of baseball, but HangryDog reinvents the concept with their combination of hot dogs and mozzarella sticks into one delectable stick dish.

The Fried Kitchen- Chicken and waffles are a home run in our book! The Fried Kitchen has the best chicken sandwiches whether you want savory or spicy!

Bronx Burger Co- If you want to switch things up and go for beef over pork, Bronx Burger Co has their beautiful Brisket and Chuck Blend burgers that will make your mouth sing “Take Me Out the Ball Game.”

Bel-Fries- You can’t complete any meal without a heaping of fries! Bel-Fries has original fries with different variations including Classic Poutine, Truffle Bacon Poutine, and Queso & Bacon!

Jugo Juice- Nothing pairs better with baseball than an ice-cold glass of lemonade! Jugo Juice has every fruit-flavored juice under the sun perfect for beating the late summer heat.

For these vendors and more, visit the Bronx Night Market every Saturday from 4-10 pm at Fordham Plaza.

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