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Bronx Night Market LOVES Female Vendors

The Bronx Night Market’s parent company, MASC Hospitality Group, is predominantly run by women, so we know the importance of girl power. In 2022, we continue to ask for everyone to put their money where their mouth is and support female vendors. Here are 10 of our favorite female-owned businesses from 2021 (in no particular order).

1. Treat Yourself Jerk

Ria Richardson’s objective is simple: authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Whether you pair it with their rice & peas, berry salad, or steamed veggies, you’re in for a real treat.

2. Downeast Lobstah

You want it cold, warm, in hushpuppy-form? Gina Graveline has the best lobster on the East Coast in every shape and form.

3. Mama Silog

What do you get when you mix Filipino and Latin American flavors? Sherri Castellvi can give you anything from coquitos, tacos, barbecue, saltado, or deep-fried pork belly.

4. Fried Lasagna Mama

A modern American twist on Italian flavors, Janae Bullock brings exactly what’s in the title. Whether you want traditional, vegetarian, or cinnamon toast, she’s got you covered.

5. Saldaña’s

Shaina Juliana’s fusion of Dominican Republican and Israeli food is nothing like you’ve ever tried before. Order a fresh glass of Gazoz or some delicious Bocconcini!

6. Rostacy

Davia Blake gives you that INSANE jerk chicken that is just BEGGING for you to dig in with your fingers. Order some mac & cheese, rice & peas, and chicken soup.

7. Cupcake Me!

One of the best dessert chefs in NYC, Britney Moss brings all things cake. Cupcakes, custom cakes, cake jars, macrons, and more!

8. Booze Scoops

The two best cures for a bad day, break-up, or holiday are alcohol and ice cream. Now, you can get ice cream or sorbet in flavors like Mango Tequila Twist, Coquito Spiced, and Piña Colada from Kyrstal Gittens.

9. Lokal Artisan Foods

Charisse McGill brings you the best French Toast bites in the nation. Not in a dessert mood? They also have coffee and beer!

10. Oh Sweet Mason

Takia Brown has whatever you need for your sweet tooth. From cinnamon buns and puddings to cheesecakes and cobblers, this one has it all.

And there you have it. Mark your calendars so you can see if any of these restaurants join us this season. For more information, follow us on Instagram @bronxnightmarket or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here. See you April 30!

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