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The Bronx Night Market is the BIGGEST event happening in Fordham Plaza! Do you want to be part of it and support such a dope event? Buy our stickers, produced by Sticker Mule!! Thank you, Sticker Mule! We couldn’t make our great design without Sticker Mule, which allows you to create and print custom stickers from the comfort of your own home at the click of a button.

Why stickers? We know you, Bronx Fam! We know you wear your hearts on your sleeves and your favorite logos on your stuff. That’s why we entrust you as brand ambassadors of the Bronx Night Market every time you snag one of our amazing stickers! It’s a win-win! You get a sticker as a reward and we get a promotion through our familia! We are giving out amazing customized designs that you can show off our slang on your water bottles, laptops, fridges, and MORE! Exclusively at our merch booth at the market every Saturday, you are NOT going to want to miss out!

Our designs include:



Only Here a Comer

BXNM subway logo

Chicken and waffles


Come to Bronx Night Market to grab these exclusive stickers only available every Saturday at Fordham Plaza from 4-10 pm. And don’t forget that October 2 is a special time from 2-9 pm one time only for “OFF-BROADWAY IN THE BOROS FEST!” And with affordable prices and big savings on bulk orders, Sticker Mule is your number one choice for all things sticker! For more information, visit their website for custom stickers​.

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