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When planning to attend a BIG festival like Coachella or Governors Ball, the first thing on your mind has gotta be “What the HELL am I going to wear?” Well here at Bronx Night Market, we have EXACTLY what you need for our monthly events. We went through hundreds of orders to pick out YOUR top 5 picks to wear to Bronx Night Market.

1. Uptown & Bronx t-shirt

This Classic Uptown-MTA-inspired t-shirt is an instant favorite in everyone's wardrobe. Was it the cool-toned colors or the subway theme that drew you in?

2. I ❤️ BX t-shirt

Is there a better tee to capture the vibes? Nah! This Bronx Night Market tee is just good enough to eat!

3. The Classic t-shirt

Our 2019 AND 2020 best seller because, you know, our Bronx Night Market family is mad classy. We made sure to update the logo so no one calls you out for missing the trends!

4. Bronx Foodie t-shirt

You either are one or you are about to become one. You know you want it... so come and get it in two different colors!

5. Classic logo hat

For our fans that WANT to be called Daddy, this OG staple is a crowd-pleaser just like you!

None of these tickle your fancy? No worries. We just launched BRAND NEW MERCH including hot sauce t-shirts, spray-painted merch, and iPhone cases!!! You can place an order directly on the website! Just add your favorite merch to the cart with your desired size and color, and click order! That's it! You can either pay online with your credit/debit card. Not feeling online shopping? We always have a merch tent at our events, starting April 30, 2022.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our online shop www.thebronxnightmarket.com/shop and get your own Bronx Night Market merch right now! And don’t forget to RSVP so that you remember to go show off your new merch.

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