It’s getting hot out here—so let’s eat some ice cream (and other frozen delicacies)

TERESA'S BAKERY & CAFE 1298 Crosby Ave

I'll be the first to tell you that it’s ridiculously easy to get me to "Awww" something that's adorable. Which is one of the reasons why it's impossible for me to do literally anything around cats. Teresa's Bakery & Cafe is equivalent to that feeling—aww. The moment you walk in, you get a homey ‘welcome’ feeling. It's a small space, but that only adds to its charm. You'll find homemade desserts, coffee, and some of the most delicious Italian Ices you'll ever have—ever. Now, full discretion: I came to Teresa's with a very specific mission and that was to try their ice cream, which I did and it was amazing (Birthday Cake & Vanilla topped off with a chocolate cannoli and a macaroon served in a fresh waffle cone). Ice cream game is on point for sure but everything changed for me when I tasted their Italian Ice. The Cookies & Cream, Cannoli, and Nutella were standouts. I'm not exaggerating when I say that these ices might make me re-think ever getting any other frozen anything, anywhere else—and they might just do the same for you. This place is a must-visit and makes for a great after-dinner spot. It's also another one of those hidden gems of The Bronx.

LICKETY SPLIT 295 City Island Ave

There is just no way you won't fall in love with the exterior (and interior) of Lickety Split. Resembling a small country creamery, am I in Vermont? Nope City Island. As soon as I got my ice cream, I sat down outside, right in front where they have several tables and chairs for their patrons. I absolutely love the vibe here and also love how this would make not only for a great spot to go on with a date but pretty much any time of the day, all summer. You can choose from an array of classic flavors of hard ice cream and chocolate and vanilla soft serve. The staff is super sweet—it's literally the perfect spot to have dessert after you've scarfed down whatever awesome seafood you initially came to the Island for.


313 City Island Ave

They only have 8 flavors of frozen yogurt available, so I sampled the New York Cheesecake, Cappuccino, Chocolate, and Vanilla. They were all pretty delicious, you won't even miss having another 10 zillion flavors to choose from—there’s something to be said for making a few things, the right way, keeping it simple. It's also one of the coziest spots I've had the misfortune of letting my ice cream drop to the floor (I can be a messy eater sometimes). On one of those insanely hot August days, I'd highly recommend coming in here and cooling off with some delicious soft-serve fro-yo. 


2410 Arthur Ave

Right off the bat, this might be the nicest deli I've ever been to.  Usually, the ones I walk into have huge signs advertising $1 iced tea and has a guy behind the counter slicing cheese so thin I have to remind him, I'd actually like to taste it—but I digress. Tino's Delicatessen is something special, a mix of a few concepts all in one delicatessen—a one-stop-shop if you will. It's a coffee shop, sandwich shop, pizza joint, deli, smoothie bar and you can find some really tasty gelato. It's all good, but I came for the gelato, the Dulce de Leche—thank you for being so good. I kept looking at my gelato like, "Really? REALLY??" in disbelief. Tino’s has got it going on. 


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