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Hard Seltzers

Is hard seltzer the ‘healthy’ drinking trend you should know about? Is it worth pub and bar operators tapping into? Hard Seltzers is a new-ish trend for people searching for a low-carb, refreshing, and ‘healthy’ beverage. And yes, bar and pub operators find great demand for this drink amongst college-age drinkers and health-conscious people looking

for a vegan-friendly, gluten-free alcoholic beverage.

Reasons behind its popularity in the US?

Hard Seltzer, spiked seltzer, or “alcohol-infused sparkling water with a fruity taste” has created such a buzz that sales have surpassed those of the pale ale in bars and restaurants. 52% swapped a beer, and 40% took a hard seltzer over a cocktail. The sales of hard seltzer have been recorded at $1.5b. So, what kick-started this trend, and what is the reason for this sales spike?

Youngsters or Gen Z generation looking for something new and exciting or consumers concerned about health and wellness are appealed by hard seltzer. It has become an alternative to beer, wine, gin, and tonic that are usually high in calories and immediately found a fan base among student-athletes.

What is Hard Seltzer?

Hard seltzer contains just three ingredients: alcohol, sparkling water, and natural flavors. Hence, this alcoholic sparkling water is a refreshing drink with low-carb, a fruity taste, with the same alcohol content as a typical hard drink without the bitterness or bloating effects. The alcohol in the hard seltzer is derived from cane sugar or malted barley, which leaves no residual sugar. There are many exciting flavors available such as lemon, lime, mandarin, and berries. White Claw and Truly hold the lion’s share of the hard seltzer’s market in the US. Truly Hard Seltzer Lemonade and Corona Hard Seltzer are brands that are currently very successful in the US market.

Truly is a beloved sponsor of the Bronx Night Market, and hard seltzers have been on top of their game recently, and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Visit the Bronx Night Market’s Truly booth ASAP!

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