Meal Kits Boom During Pandemic

While most businesses are hurting because of the result of COVID-19, cooking kits have hit the ground running. Meal kit companies such as Freshly and HelloFresh are always available, but there are also restaurants putting together kits for families to get the restaurant experience at home. 

HelloFresh grew 90% in the first quarter of 2020, compared to the same period last year. That’s right, 90%. The company delivered almost a million more meals in March than February. But, sometimes these subscription meal kits just don’t hit the same. Sometimes, you are just craving a specific restaurant or dish. 

There are plenty of New York City restaurants that have adjusted with the times and now offer meal kits for those at home. Next Stop Vegan is a success story to come out of Bronx back in the day with their meal delivery kit trend! The shop started off as a service that only offered vegan meal kits, but after their booth at the Bronx Night Market and growing popularity, the company was able to open a store front. Due to COVID, they are now doing take-out. Support local and check out their tasty vegan eats here

If you are in the mood for handmade pasta and you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, Borgatti’s is your hooook up! Located in the Bronx’s Little Italy, with plenty of options, there is pasta for everyone in your family to enjoy it. With whole wheat fettuccine, mushroom fettuccine, and much more why not order delivery for delicious homemade noodles here and forget those store brands.

Craving Korean barbeque? Her Name Is Han is offering meals prepared for two or for people that includes Korean barbeque, hot pot, rice, and small plates. There are plenty of other dishes that can be ordered for delivery, check them all out here.  

Jeffrey's Grocery, located in the West Village for the past decade, wasn’t actually a grocery store when it first opened. Their dining menu includes green gazpacho, lobster roll, and many other delicious things. When the pandemic hit, Jeffrey’s Grocery pivoted to give New Yorkers another place to pick up their groceries. The restaurant now serves as a place for full-time grocery and meal-kit delivery, with options including family style. All can be ordered on their website here

While these are only a few of the options available, it goes to show how important it was for these restaurants to help the people of New York and work towards keeping their businesses alive. The Bronx Night Market has been working extremely hard to get the night market experience to The Bronx, we just can’t wait to see your beautiful faces soon enough! With adjustments to the new normal, we will be seeing you soon. 

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