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The unique concept of the first-ever open-air market in New York took the internet by storm in the middle of 2018! However, in 2020 they faced a year doomed with a global pandemic. Consequently, the market was restricted to tight schedules, strict curfews, and a limited crowd, which was far from what they had aimed. The first few months of lockdown had demotivated a lot of people. The uncertainty, fear, helplessness, loss, and so many mixed emotions had seemed to shake up everyone all over the world.

People had no idea how to take on this new global threat, and with each passing day, the news and media became more and more depressing. The idea to keep people motivated, give them hope to live on, and not give up just yet was what came together as the Bronx Night Market. They decided to take it up as their duty to realize and act upon the importance of sustainability and affordable culture, especially when people were going through so much loss and burden already. Promoting small and local businesses and giving entrepreneurs a platform to express themselves and show their hidden talents had become their goals ever since.

The Bronx Night Market envisions bringing together people from all over America, breaking those stereotypes, and uniting cultures and cuisines to create a dynamic food street. Accompanied with your choice of events-concerts, drive-in cinemas, plays, standup comedy, racing competitions-you name it, and they have it! They work in collaboration with brands and sponsors that make the event more organized, diverse, and secure. However, that's not all. There are no boundaries to your expectations. You'll get whatever you ever dreamed of here, and spending it with your loved ones is all one could ask for!

This year, 2021, BXNM has a lot in store for you. An extensive array of events and amazing up-and-coming food combinations that are world-class and affordable. Just bring out the fun and party every Saturday from April to November. Connect with your friends and have a fun evening together, and the best part is you can twin in the very exclusive BXNM merch available on their site! How cool is that?!

They have a variety of t-shirts, aprons, hoodies, beanies, and caps available in a wide range of sizes from XS-5Xl with possibly every color you ever dreamed of wearing! And guess what? The starting price is $20, and the highest price is just $35! They're cheap, affordable and that soft, breathable fabric will make you feel refreshed. And hey, those big, bold Bronx prints look dope! So get yours before it’s too late because they’ll be running short pretty quickly.

And it gets even more exciting as they have a hassle-free, easy-shipping system. You can place an order directly on their website, just add your favorite merch to the cart with your desired size and color and just click order! That's it! You can either pay with cash on delivery or online with your credit/debit card. So what are you waiting for? Visit their website www.thebronxnightmarket.com/ and get your own BXNM merch right now!

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