• Molly McElaney


Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This year’s Bronx Night Market has been the best to date! Despite the challenges

of COVID safety during this time, we have worked hard to fit COVID-restrictions into our outdoor festival. So far, the market has sold out two back-to-back Saturdays up to two days before the event. Each day 20 unique and amazing vendors come and sell the hell out of their products. We just wanted to take a moment to thank our vendors, our volunteers, and our customers for keeping this event at the top of the list during the pandemic. You have all been telling your friends and family to come while wearing your damn mask to keep us going.

The Bronx community is back out and about every Saturday thanks to you all! This food festival celebrates all cultures in food and shopping experiences that lured in others with the promise of authenticity and it's beautiful how something so trendy can connect us to the deep cultural roots as well as to our community of the Bronx. If there is a particular day you want to come, make sure you RSVP quickly for your one-hour time slot because we are selling out FAST! Worried about missing out this summer? Well, buckle in for the longest market to date, as we will be hosting the biggest party of the weekend every Saturday until November 13th! To RSVP, please respond to our Eventbrite with the date and time you want to attend. You should also respond to our Facebook events so that the whole city knows about our event!

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