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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Bronx Night Market, the largest event series in Uptown, the Bronx, and Westchester county, announced their 2020 season dates and vendor lineup earlier this month.

The organizers say that Bronx Night Market “is a food lovers event,” which means the vendor list represents New York City’s diverse food scene and cultivates a global food experience. One rule, established during their first season in 2018, has been maintained, “all menu items are affordable ($3, $5, $7, and $11),  in short, we make sure $20 goes a long way and will provide market-goers with an exciting culinary experience without breaking the bank.” 

The third season boasts an impressive list of new vendors, who will work alongside Bronx Night Market fan-favorites. We got the intel and took a deep dive into five vendors we can’t wait to try this season. 

Cocotaso Catering

Frances Roman throws down a Puerto Rican-style feast, cooking up dishes from the island like slow roasted pork, flavorful rice, alcapurias, tostotones, and bacalaitos. This family run business is all about celebrating traditional cuisine made with love, just like Abuela use to make.

Must try item: PR Rice Bowl ($7)

It’s hard to choose just one of their savory dishes but it’s really all about the pernil. Garlicky slow roasted pork shoulder, succulent and tender with crunchy outer bits mixed in. The pork is served over fluffy grains of red rice, and a sprinkle of fresh herbs for brightness.

Fried Lasagna Mama

Chef and owner, Janae Bullock is a Harlem-based caterer with deep Bronx roots. After graduating from Johnson & Wales culinary school in 2013, she wanted to try her hand at creating a unique new take on a classic item, lasagna; thus, the fried lasagna was created, a grab and go (crunchy) twist. 

Must try-item: “The original” fried lasagna ($6.50)

The fried squares pack all the flavor you’d expect from a traditional slice of lasagna; creamy ricotta cheese, melty mozzarella, and nutty Parmesan with fresh parsley rolled up in tender noodles. It’s then coated in breadcrumbs, fried until crisp, and topped with a fresh tomato-basil sauce. 

Osicala Yuqueria

Roberto, his wife Barbara, and his mother co-founded Osicala Yuqueria with the hopes of bringing Salvadoran food to a broader audience (beyond pupusas, which is the dish most people seem to know). The trio has crafted a menu inspired by their cultural roots centered around one of the country’s most famous street foods, yuca con chicharrón. 

Must try-item: Yuca con Chicharron ($5)

The dish combines yuca (cassava) tender chunks of pork, fresh tomato sauce, and topped with curido, a Salvadoran-style slaw. 

2 Belize Girls

2 Belize girls is a Caribbean inspired food concept created by Shari and Akilah Bucknor. Their food represents their love of Belizean food and the desire to showcase their culture to the masses. According to Shari and Akilah, “even though NYC is a metropolis of cultures, there is not one Belizean restaurant to be found.” While their long term goal is to operate a food truck, they’re excited to be spreading their cultural flavors as a pop-up.

Must-try Item: Salbutes (2 for $6)

This classic dish features a crisp fried homemade corn tortilla topped with shredded chicken (or coconut refried beans, for our vegan friends) and tangy pickled cilantro cabbage. 

Dre’s Water Ice and Ice Cream

Dre’s Water Ice and Ice Cream knows a thing or two about packing some serious flavor into every spoonful of their scratch-made ice cream and philly-style water ices. They offer a variety of classic flavors, and throw in some Southern dessert-inspired curveballs, serving up a perfectly refreshing sweet treat.

Must-try item: Philly-style water ice ($5) 

Water ice is vegan, and full of fruity flavor thanks to fresh purées that are added into the sugary mix before freezing. Their best selling flavors are mango, peach, cherry, and strawberry lemonade. It’s the perfect refreshing treat on a warm summer day.

The 2020 season touts a curated list of 50 plus vendors in addition to a rotating list of New York State craft breweries at the BXNM beer garden. In addition to the hefty food and beverage line up, the organizers have introduced a new layout, weekly programming, and a slew of family-friendly activities. The Bronx Night Market is returning to Fordham Plaza on May 2 and will run every Saturday, 4-10 pm, through the end of October.

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