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Top 5 Burgers in the Bronx

Updated: Jan 13

The Bronx is crazy about burgers. Why else do you think Shake Shack moved in last spring to Bay Plaza Shopping Center? Bronx Night Market believes in the simple pleasures of real food with great flavors made by our local community. So, in the spirit of good food, we just HAD to share with you our top 5 burgers that we got to try in 2021 (and that we hope try us in 2022).

5. Burger Time

This burger is so good, they went off the grid. No Instagram, but they have good priced burgers with unique flavors such as “Flamethrower,” “Cheese Volcano,” and “Excaliburger.” Our favorite is the traditional cheeseburger with ALL the GOOD toppings.

4. Jimbo’s Hamburger Place

This no-frills establishment knows that all you need to make a good burger is meat and good (mostly FREE) toppings. While they have items such as “Pizza Burger” and “Double Super Turkey Burger,” we prefer the beef burger with melted cheese and pork bacon!


We know you might call us crazy for putting a meatless burger on our top 5 list, but listen. This shit is GOOOOOD! Black Rican Vegan’s big attraction for you to check out (at the Bronx Night Market) is their delectable oyster mushroom burger. The sauce is so good, it makes us forget about cows for at least an hour.

2. Bronx Ale House

There is NO better combo than burgers and beer. Bronx Ale House brings flavors like hazy double glazy, chipotle turkey burger, and even a vegan burger! Our top pick is the Drunken Onion Gorgonzola burger!


Who would Bronx Night Market BE without Bronx Burger Co. Whatever superlative we use is NOT ENOUGH to describe how good this burger is. With sexy bites like the truffle bacon burger and the Baconator, this one’s ahead of the game. Our go-to? The crusted cheddar cheeseburger with gorgeous flavor and texture.

And there you have it. Mark your calendars so you can see if any of these restaurants join us this season. For more information, follow us on Instagram @bronxnightmarket or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here. See you next season!


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