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5 Sandwiches to try at Bronx Night Market

Updated: Mar 27

Ah, sandwiches, the quintessential staple in America. From chopped cheese at the bodega to sloppy late-night burgers, sandwiches provide endless possibilities that make it the perfect meal. In light of the warm weather coming our way, is the perfect destination to dive deep into some of the nation’s staple sandwiches. We’re sharing 5 sandwiches we got to try in 2021, and trust me… you’re going to want to add these places to your foodie list for 2022.

1. Lobster Roll @DownEastLobstah

With classic flavors like the “Warm Roll” filled with THICC chunks of fresh lobster basked in buttery goodness or the “Lobster Grilled Cheese,” DownEast Lobstah knows how to THROW DOWN a good ass lobster roll without breaking the bank.

2. Bx Burger @thebxburgerco

Technically speaking, a burger is definitely considered a sandwich. I mean, come on, it’s meat, cheese, toppings, jam-packed in a soft pillowy Martin’s potato bun. The Bronx Burger Company is leading us in all the right directions with this mouthwatering Bx Burger… or shall I say, sandwich.

3. Hot Dog @HangryDog

Oh great, the national debate of whether or not a hot dog should be classified as a sandwich. Hey, we never said we would be going by the books. Check out HANGRY DOG for a new twist on your old corndog recipe. The classic “Hangry Dog” is all the rave at the Bronx Night Market, giving fans the chance to perfect their cheese pull.

4. Taco @TacoselGuero

If it has meat, carbs, and toppings spilling out, we’re considering it a bomb-ass sandwich. Y’all, Tacos el Guero knows how to do their tacos RIGHT from Birria Tacos to tender Al Pastor. You’ll forget all about the debate of whether or not a taco is a sandwich after trying these bad boys.

5. Classic Grilled Cheese Chicken and Waffle @TheFriedKitchen

Can we just take a moment and thank The Fried Kitchen for delivering us the most delicious food concept at Bronx Night Market? They’re changing the game with their “Classic Grilled Cheese Chicken Waffle” sandwich! Let me tell you, this shit is FIRE. For all you sweet and savory food lovers out there, you’re gonna wanna make this the first place you stop at.

And that’s a wrap for some of our sandwiches at Bronx Night Market! With last year’s special appearance from Katz Delicatessen, Bronx Night Market is already changing the foodie scene. RSVP for your chance to dive into the open-air food market of the year opening on April 30th! For more information, follow us on Instagram @bronxnightmarket and TikTok @bronxnightmarket or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here. See you there!

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