We’re Back Babbbbyyy!!

COVID could not hold us back; we knew the Bronx needed the Bronx Night Market and to be honest, we did too! Don’t worry, the market will be safe and we will be complying with all New York City guidelines. There will be a little difference between this market from the past years, but you’ll still be getting the besttttt eats of the city!

Opening day is September 26th from 12pm-6pm at Fordham Plaza and we will be open every Saturday and Sunday 12pm-6pm through November. Admission is free, but you must reserve your time to assure there aren’t too many people at the market at once! On each day, there will be 3 two

During every session, we will have up to 20 different delicious food and merch vendors for you to choose from...or grab something from each one! From tacos to lasagna to seafood, we will have it all! We can’t wait to be back together again, giving the Bronx a place to support small business and munch on some damn good food. Make sure you sign up for a time lot, there is limited space available for each time

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