• Colin Elliott

How the Bronx became NYC’s new foodie mecca, and the MHG team that mixed the secret sauce to make it

Unique flavors, just enough spice, and all the servings to keep you satisfied: MHG (MASC Hospitality Group) has stirred up the right ingredients to feed the love-to-eat community like never before with its world known Bronx Night Market.

More than ever, it’s important to recognize the melting pot of people that exists in one of the largest cities in America - New York. In lue of this, MHG chose to represent diversity, inclusivity, and affordability when crafting their one-of-a-kind open-air events. Down to their mostly female and POC team, MHG lives up to the definition of practice what you preach. They show up for the neighborhoods that deserve to be celebrated and bring their vibrant energy with them.

When serving the Uptown community during their popular event series, Bronx Night Market, Founder Marco Shalma and the team knew that to portray their foundational roots authentically, they needed to curate events that would break all boundaries. With the help of partners Fordham Road Business Improvement District, whose goal is to promote businesses, cultural and educational facilities, as well as residences and retailers. Through Fordham Road BID, MHG has had the pleasure to work alongside the non-for-profit by growing the businesses featured at events like Bronx Night Market.

Rising to the top of the foodie kingdom by using the power of Uptown, with Harlem and the Bronx as NYC’s new foodie Mecca, MHG drizzled their secret sauce all over the foodie community and left them wanting more. The MHG secret sauce has three ingredients, just like one you’d put on your burger. The first ingredient is finding high quality vendors, the next is designing the Bronx Night Market in regards to the team’s core values, and lastly by marketing on their own terms.

With high-quality vendors from every food category sharing their delectable cuisine, patrons have the perfect plethora of options that allow them to mix and match their entrees with family and friends. What this does is creates an affordable experience where people of all walks of life can taste and learn about the assortment of flavors and dishes from around the globe.

Alongside the 70% female/POC/immigrant/LGBTQIA+ small businesses partnering with MHG, the team channels their core values into every aspect of their work, and based on their large event turnouts, the community impact, and unwavering support have been massive.

MHG is fearlessly crafting its own rulebook in the business world and is achieving the type of success that is unmatched. The Uptown and Bronx marketing team at MHG know that communication with vendors, local artisans and community leaders is paramount to their success. Alongside MHG’s active social media presence, Bronx Night Market and other festival series have been featured in mainstream press as well as gaining millions of views with influencers visiting and reviewing the night market series.

MASC Hospitality Group represents the people and clearly translates their love for the community through their constant efforts to provide fun, affordable, and ethical experiences for community members. Their event series is fired up for the season and people are living for everything MHG has to offer!

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